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Elegoo UNO Project Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit with UNO R3, Line Tracking Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth module ect

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Elegoo EL-KIT-012 UNO Project Smart Robot Car Kit V 3.0 with UNO R3, Line Tracking Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth Module

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OSOYOO Robot Smart Car for Arduino DIY Learning Kit with tutorial Android Wifi Bluetooth IR Modules and Line Tracking Ultrasonic Sensors Gift Kid

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Makeblock DIY Starter Robot kit - Premium Quality - STEM Education - Arduino - Scratch 2.0 - Programmable Robot Kit for Kids to Learn Coding, Robotics and Electronics (IR Version)

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UCTRONICS Smart Robot Car Kit based on UNO R3 for Arduino Automatic Avoidance of Obstacles with 2-wheel Drives, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, L293D Motor Control Shield, Micro Servo Motor 9g

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Elegoo Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit w/ TUTORIAL for Arduino Mega2560 UNO Nano

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EMO Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit with Motors, Speed Encoder and Battery Box for DIY

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Aideepen ROT3U 6DOF Aluminium Robot Arm Silver Mechanical Robotic Clamp Claw for Arduino

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Kuman Wireless Wifi manipulator Robot Car Kit for Arduino,utility Vehicle Intelligent Robotics, Hd Camera Ds Robot Smart Educational Kits by iOS android PC Controlled with Video Tutorial Sm5-1

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